The Internet has a lot of bright, minds putting forward their points in many discussions. Unfortunately many minds (bright or otherwise) sometimes end up annoying other members of a discussion group. Then obviously the discussions deteriorate and not much useful content are generated.

For e.g. many threaded conversations in discussion boards often end up as "I said this" and "you said this" and it is difficult to know whether the vocal ones are the relevant ones. In fact, often the non-vocal ones do have points but they can get overwhelmed by verbose people, and hence the shy/reticent ones do not contribute. And if the discussions are over a chatting system; people sometimes type irrelevant one or two word spontaneous responses such as "100% true", "K", "Wow" which just adds to the noise.

Wikis do solve this to some extent. But wikis need quite a large number of people for it to produce quality content. Also, wikis need to be put on a central server -- and that may be unacceptable to a body of people discussing with each other; wanting to develop serious knowledge among themselves.

The author of this system, Mr Sabu Francis, has been studying this area of credibility on the Internet for many years. Finally this was started after Sabu was perplexed at the turn of the events in a whatsapp forum. On reflection, he realized that it is extremely difficult to correct perceptions -- This gave birth to a new kind of P2P content forums. The ones provided here.

This has been inspired by a well respected content-by-consensus system called "The Delphi Method" (explained in this documentation)

This P2P content forum was created so that healthy non-personality based content creation is possible. People can craft thoughtful posts instead of writing spontaneously the way people do in chats. Of course here too there will be overwhelming people but since there is a good attempt to preserve anonymity, hopefully the quality of content would be sustained. And it will not result in actual or pecieved one "up-manship"

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