Privacy Policy

We are very serious about privacy of our users and we have implemented several measures to ensure that we execute that intention.

We have only one method to identify you. That is by using a hardware based ID generated by our client application when you run it -- and that too only when you create or join a forum. Such identifiable data would be used ONLY to create your account and nothing more.

We do NOT insist on collecting your email address. If you do provide it, we use it only for notifications. We may occasionally send you important messages and or payment reminder.

Our users are not really creating any meaningful data on our servers. All the main work of our system is done by the client application that runs on your computer. So all the forum data and the control over the data are with you. The contents of each forum are protected by a strong symmetrical password. That password is generated only at your computer and we have no access to it. None of the content that is generated by the client application ever reaches us. Instead the encrypted version of it gets pinned by the client application directly from your computer to the IPFS (Inter-planetary file system) cloud.

We do NOT use cookies in our system anywhere on our own servers. For some subdomains (such as this documentation) we use external services. We also use an external payment gateway. They may have their own privacy standards which we have no control over.

We may implement some statistical analysis system such as Google analytics. There could be cookies that those systems may set in your browser. Please note that those are NOT cookies created by our server.

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